What are your favorite styles of cycling clothing?

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What cycling clothes do you have in your wardrobe, and how does everyday cycling fit into your personal style? Most cyclists don't know much about cycling clothes

What cycling clothes do you have in your wardrobe, and how does everyday cycling fit into your personal style?

Most of the cyclists don't know much about cycling clothes, and after buying a car, they have gradually paid attention to the equipment. If there is a circle such as a "cycling club", the speed of being Amway will be faster. Cycling clothing, a "professional" equipment that is not equivalent to a sports T-shirt, must be comfortable to wear, and it must also reflect your own taste and personality.

The simple design style is liked by more and more people, and the ease and freedom conveyed is also the life attitude that modern people yearn for. Most of the colors are solid colors, and the gradient of one or two colors no longer looks monotonous. The light and thin fabric has the unique wrapping feeling of cycling clothes, and also shows the beauty of sports muscles at all times. Of course, the professional saying is that tight wearing can reduce wind resistance. Through the combination of sports functional fabrics, quality and comfort are met at the same time.

Cycling clothing customization "service

1. Fabric selection: it can be freely matched, and those who ride more at night in summer can be upgraded to "reflective" materials;

2. Version: Volkswagen riders, who ride on a daily basis, usually focus on comfort; professional riders, consider wearing for competitive competitions, and recommend the professional tight version; thin and fat riders, who want to dress well can Consider upgrading to "Single Player Single Edition"

3. Customized service objects: team clubs, individual riders

3. Design style: in line with the overall positioning of the team club; to meet individual needs (choose customization is to choose "your favorite")

4. Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

5. Time limit: 7 working days after the final design is confirmed for production

(Recommended version) Feather, more suitable for Asian body design, the cuffs are designed with a free-cut design to enhance professional personal comfort, which can better reduce wind resistance. At the same time, it is matched with two different materials of sports and quick-drying functional fabrics to provide every rider with a more comfortable wearing experience with a simple design style.

A jersey fit designed to reduce over-embellishment

The design of the cycling clothing attracted by the appearance, in addition to ensuring the fit and comfort of wearing, the temperament is enough, and the whole aura can be supported.